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Supporting Student Music Groups

"Livia's Music Never Stops Foundation"; will support music-centered school groups including but not limited to choirs, marching and concert bands, orchestras and ensembles in effort to provide the resources needed to enhance music in schools.


“It was a natural fit when music groups found us over six years ago seeking fundraising partnerships,” said Kyle Hogan, owner of Livia’s. “These groups began to promote and sell Livia’s Seasoning Salt as a fundraiser for their band or choir and their success with the product’s fundraising model proved to us that this was indeed an area where we wanted to have a positive presence,” Hogan said.

Supporting music education fit the core values of the family-owned business, inspiring the “Livia’s Music Never Stops Foundation.” This foundation financially supports music education which is typically underfunded in schools. Student music groups can apply for the grant to financially support their specific need, included but not limited to instruments, music rights, uniforms, travel, training, and performance expenses.

Along with the Hogan family's long history of believing in the virtues of music, Livia herself was a piano player and music enthusiast her entire life, from 1900-2000. To date, Livia's has given over $25,000 to music-related organizations, and the company anticipates growing that number through Livia’s Music Foundation.

A percentage of revenue from every Livia's Seasoning Shaker sold helps grow the Livia's Foundation Fund.  These funds will be used to support music-related student groups.

Livia's Seasoning Salt is a family-owned company that manufactures and distributes the all-natural blend of Kosher Salt, coarse ground pepper and garlic. The seasoning’s ingredients make it a household staple, used on anything you salt and pepper.

If you believe your musical group could benefit from a Livia's Foundation grant, contact us at